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Saturday, October 18 @ Mascher Space Co-Op:
Alessandro Bosetti, Corridors (Byron Westbrook), and "Meet" dance piece
Mascher Space Co-op, 155 Cecil B. Moore Avenue 2B Philadelphia, PA 19122 (map) (directions), $5-10, 9pm.
Sponsored by Bowerbird.

Two acts who present "not quite music."  Bosetti, from a background in improvisation, has in recent years focused on the voice, speech, text, and vocal abstraction, refracting language through abstract sound and blurring the line between both.  Situating the voice amidst samples, musical instruments, computer noise, and processing, Bosetti bends the tenuous line between representation and abstraction, speech and sound.

Corridors is Byron Westbrook, who augments his live drone pieces with multi-screen projections that probe the relations among the senses while they create an immersive environment of both sound and light.  Rich drones shimmer as abstract patterns flicker.  Sink in.

Alessandro Bosetti
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"Bosetti is as demanding of the listener as he is of himself, but a
dedication to the experience and a willingness to be aware of
one’s own listening can make [the disc] a rewarding, unique and
surprisingly responsive encounter."
- Adam Strohm, Dusted Magazine

Alessandro Bosetti - "Expose 11" excerpt

Alessandro Bosetti - "Komiker"

Corridors (Byron Westbrook)
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"To call Byron Westbrook a composer of breathtakingly beautiful
ambient pieces and drone works is reasonably accurate but painfully
reductive; Westbrook, whose work under the name Corridors has involved
acoustic instruments, field recordings, spatialized playback and
lighting, is the kind of artist for whom the old, mostly disused term
intermedia was coined."
 -TimeOut New York

Corridors - "viola/organ/electronics" excerpt

Corridors - "bminor guitar" excerpt


alessandro bosetti

Was born in Milan, Italy in 1973.
Composer and sound artist. He works on the musicality of spoken words and unusual aspects of spoken communication and produced text-sound compositions featured in live performances, radio broadcastings and published recordings. In his work he moves on the line between sound anthropology and composition often including translation and misunderstanding in the creative process. Field research and interviews often build the basis for his abstract compositions along with electro-acoustic and acoustic collages, relational strategies,trained and untrained instrumental practices, vocal explorations and digital manipulations. Since he's curious about differences he travels. Just in 2006 he's been living and working in West Africa, China, Taiwan, Holland, Scandinavia, United States , Germany and Italy. For the future he plans to be living and working between Berlin (D), Milano (I) and Baltimore (USA)


Byron Westbrook  (b. 1977)  is a sound/intermedia artist living in
Brooklyn, NY. His audio/video performances as CORRIDORS involve the
distribution of processed instrumental and environmental recordings
through a multi-channel environment with a focus on energy distilled
from sound and light.   He has shared bills with Sawako, Tony Conrad,
Stefan Tcherepnin, Lichens, James Blackshaw, Anette Krebs, Soft
Circle, and Mountains, among many others. He has presented at venues
such as Tonic, Roulette, ParisLondonWestNile, Issue Project Room,
Experimental Intermedia, Exit Art Gallery.  Westbrook has also
collaborated with Paris-based composer and former Kitchen curator Rhys
Chatham in the drone metal group Essentialist (Table of the Elements),
as well as performed in the ensembles of Phill Niblock, Rhys Chatham,
Glenn Branca and Jonathan Kane.  In 2007, he was the recipient of the
Jerome Foundation Emerging Artists Commission through Roulette
Intermedium and is currently the technical coordinator at Experimental
Intermedia Foundation, NYC.  Releases are forthcoming for both
Corridors and Essentialist, along with a fall tour of the US with
Alessandro Bosetti.

CORRIDORS is a multi-channel audio/video environment that uses video
projections, amplifiers and speakers strategically placed within a
performance space. It was originally developed as a distribution
system for improvised guitar feedback and has evolved over the last
three years into composed works using varied sound sources through the
system, which is also customized for the individual works.  The
project emphasizes how redistributed energy of sound and light in
space to alter perception.

Audio elements consist of either guitar feedback processed live,
pre-recorded instrumental performances and/or found sounds.  These
recordings are pre-processed to reduce the sounds to the pure energy
of the source material (as opposed to referencing the source). They
are then redistributed live through the performance space via the
multi-channel system with additional processing to cater to the
composition and space.

Following the audio concept, the video elements are sources of light
processed to reduce identification of form, object and location, thus
highlighting the essential energy and its movement.